Der Juni 2011 – (fast) jeden Tag was Neues.

Man könnte sagen, dass es im Juni mit jedem Telefonat und/oder Mail was Neues im Raum stand. Die “Einflugschneise” führt zu Beginn an Staubsaugern (Event, Incentive, Promotion) vorbei, geht in Richtung Themen der Finanz-IT (Corporate Event), biegt dann zum Handel ab, mit dem Schwerpunkt Reformhaus (integrierter Online-/SoM-Kampagne) und Shoppingmall (Markenpositionierung & Kampagne) und mündet beim Heimtiermarkt (integriertes Online-/SoM-Konzept). Und das bei den Temperaturen!

580 Gedanken zu “Der Juni 2011 – (fast) jeden Tag was Neues.

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    * Almond Kisses “traditional” candy marriage ceremony favors wrapped in gold foil
    * Red/Silver Kisses in pink and silver foil with love-sayings strips
    * Pastel Kisses in pink, fuchsia, silver, pastel blue and eco-friendly foils
    * Autumn Kisses in silver, gold, brown, and purple foil
    * Vacation Kisses in purple, eco-friendly, and silver foil

    Hershey kisses of any shade might be wrapped in white tulle and tied with ribbon to match your coloration plan. Or use cheap plastic holders, offered at occasion stores. This will make a further sweet wedding day favor for cheap selling prices.

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    The best very low budget method to have candy marriage ceremony favors for reasonable costs is usually to make the favors you, potentially along with the help of loved ones or bridesmaids.

    Acquire your sweet in bulk in a wholesale store on-line. When your candy buy totals $50 or even more, transport will usually be absolutely free.

    Invest in modest organza bags or tulle and ribbon in a discount marriage ceremony favor web-site. Pick colours according to the wedding ceremony coloration plan along with the sweet colour or wrapper.

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